I am 16 years old. I currently have a boyfriend, and I love him so much. But I can't help but look at girls, and like girls while i'm dating him! I used to have a crush on my best friend who is a girl Sydney. And I just don't have an attraction to guys at all honestly. I really do think i'm a lesbian, but my family and friends are VERY Christian and think it's SO wrong. Any tips?

Hey there :)  This sounds a lot like the situation I went through when I was 19.  I was dating an awesome guy, loved him very much, but then started noticing girls.  I tried to repress  it but it wouldn’t go away and when we broke up 6 months later (for reasons unrelated) I started meeting girls and exploring soon after.  It felt right immediately and eventually I met Bria.  This year in March I came out as a lesbian, and it feels totally right :)  I come from a very religious upbringing also but they are loving Christians, not the hypocritical hating ones.  While it took some adjusting, at the end of the day they wanted me to be happy so they supported me.  I would be true to yourself, and if feels right to come out, do it.  Don’t stay in the closet because of your family, but at the same time wait to come out until you feel safe to and independent enough to handle their reaction if it’s irrational.  (Another place to go, or support system to lean on.)  Hope this helps, you are wonderful as you are and brave for wanting to live honestly with yourself :)  Much love,


I'm making a collage with pictures of all the tumblr/YouTube 'famous' lesbian couples(Luclyn, Hulia, Cydney and Stacy, Wegan, and a few more) so I'm asking for the couple to share their favorite picture together. Can you post your favorite please?

Hey there!  So I’ve posted many photos on here now, not sure when this post is from but here is one of our favorites :)

Great idea to make a collage, can’t wait to see! 

I want to thank you soo much for your reaction (I told you about the volunteer work). It meant a lot for me that you guys say something like that about me! A lot people at my school are homophobic... Today, my gym teacher said that it’s bad to be gay and boys from my class screamed: ‘Yeaah, you’re so true!’ That was hard, but I know that it isn’t true. Actually, I feel sorry for them! I am not alone! I will find people who accept me for who I am. And you two give me that! Thank you<3 Love Sarah

Of course!  We think it’s amazing what you are doing and the fact that you are standing up to homophobia and fighting close-mindedness, even in your school.  Sorry to hear what your teacher said but remember people are like that are ignorant or afraid of change and it takes time to get through to them if ever.  Good for you for feeling sorry for them, they are the ones behind the times.  Proud of you for staying strong, stick with it, you will do great things Sarah :)



You guys have helped me so much on figuring out and accepting who I am! Thank you so much. Before I found your videos I was so lost and confused. Whenever I was confused or upset, your videos were there for me. You guys are such an inspirational couple and I hope to find love like what you guys have one day. :)

Hey there :)  We are so glad to have helped in your acceptance of yourself, that’s just what we are here for!  :)  Keep your head high, be proud of the beautiful person you are, and down the road your Love will find the way to you <3

Chrissy,your suicide story changed my life. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I wish you were my friend. And you guys have amazing voices! I could listen to your music all day. Just thanks to both of you!

Thank for sharing this with us, wow.  It means so much to me to know that my story is helping others, that is the reason I put it up.  I think more people would find hope within themselves if they felt they could relate their story to someone else, and know someone else had shared a similar pain.  You are so welcome, and thank you from the bottom of my for writing this.  It reminds me that what I went through had a purpose, and even though it took years, I finally realized for me it was to help others.  Glad you love our music and videos, and you always have a friend in us <3  We love you!


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Catching Up On Tumblr!

Hey everyone, wanted you all to know that we haven’t forgotten anyone on here if you’ve messaged us!  It has been hectic and we have been busy with videos, Bria with school, me with auditions, etc.  We try to answer quickly through facebook and twitter, but now that I’ve finally figured Tumblr out (so I think!), I will get to responding to you as much as I can and as often as possible!  Hope you all are doing amazing and remember we all love you! :-)


chrissy, i saw you on proactiv ommerical earlier. was that you?

Yes it was me!  I shot that in 2010 in LA, it was an awesome experience, and I got to film with Jennifer Love Hewitt! :)

Hi I'm a new fan. Just recently found you guys on YouTube ....love the songs btw :)

Thank you so much!!!